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KD6R106SX Series


  • Simple installation! Compact!
  • Scan width 106mm
  • Working distance 1.3mm
  • GigE Vision®
  • Mono scanning

Basic characteristics

Illumination spectrum

Spectral sensitivity of sensor IC

Depth of Focus (DOF)

Example of scanned image (ref)


Item KD6R106SX
Scan width 106
Valid pixels Pixel 2,736
Resolution dpi 600
Output data format GigE Vision® 2.0
Scan speed kHz/line 6
Power 5V × 1ch (20A max.)
Light source Red LED (660nm)
Exposure control LED pulse control
Focal point 1.3 (from glass surface)
Size (L×W×H) 134 × 53 × 50
Weight g 300
Regulatory compliance RoHS

* Please download outline drawings here.

GigE Vision® is a registered trade mark of AIA (Automated Imaging Association).