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Redefining the Future of Machine Vision Solutions

Our Machine Vision Solutions Delivered

At Integro Technologies, we are proud to be a principal solution source for machine vision in the most challenging applications. As an AIA Certified Systems Integrator, our team is unmatched in our industry acumen, and we have defined machine vision solutions for color matching, robotic guidance, cap and color inspection, quality checking, 3D topography imaging, ID verification, and more.

Our Solutions: Powered by our Partners, Delivered by our Team

We have partnered with world leaders in machine vision technology, systems integration, and robotics to deliver specialized solutions.

Vision Vault offers effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities.

3D machine vision inspection and imaging is a growing trend delivering highly-efficient results. We deliver precision solutions with our 3D precision measuring systems.

Robotics, or intelligent automation, has proven to be the superior solution in finding, identifying, and inspecting products with incredible accuracy and speed. Learn how collaborative robots and vision inspection combines exceptional solutions for hard to reach places, large or complex assemblies, and so much more.

The industries we serve include Aerospace, Military, Robotics, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical & Medical. With over 2000 installations across the globe, we’re always ready to develop new solutions for machine vision inspection. Download our free capabilities booklet.

Our Future is to Provide the Future in Industrial Automation

Our mission is to disrupt and redefine the machine vision solution market. Deep learning technology is delivering solutions for complicated, time-consuming, and costly factory inspection processes. We continue to develop new solutions integrating advanced machine vision concepts as our partners discover cutting edge technologies.

In conclusion, we want to leave you with an informative review found in Quality Magazine. With advanced machine vision solutions, you’re not only joining in on the Industry 4.0 wave, but you’re preparing for the future. “Industry 5.0 not only gives consumers the products they want today but gives workers jobs that are more meaningful than factory jobs have been in well over a century.”

If you’re ready to see the future, we’re ready to bring the future of industrial automation to you.