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Integro Technologies Announces Partnership with MORITEX

Integro Technologies, a world leader in vision integration, announces a partnership agreement with MORITEX  to develop innovative and cutting-edge products for industrial machine vision.

Moritex squaredMachine vision, also known as vision systems, has become vital in the manufacturing industry. Increased quality control demands of consumers, manufacturers, and government regulations make the need for machine vision technology imperative. Machine vision leverages technology and experience to provide automated, image-based inspection and analysis for applications such as gauging, reading text, process control, and robot guidance.

MORITEX is a leading global supplier of illumination and imaging components for machine vision applications, from system design to integrated lighting and imaging system solutions.

“Our partnership with MORITEX indicates a state-of-the-art collaboration to advance the machine vision industry. Together, our cutting-edge technology exceeds our clients’ expectations, and the quality of our vision systems is unsurpassed. MORITEX’s experience and expertise is unmatched, and by joining forces, we will provide unique and well-packaged solutions for a number of industries,” said Shawn Campion, President of Integro Technologies.

The partnership between Integro Technologies and MORITEX signals a exceptional, innovative collaboration unequivocally advancing the machine vision industry to new heights.


About Integro Technologies

Integro Technologies is a leader in machine vision integration in North America. With over 2,000 installations and more than 500 clients worldwide, Integro Technologies is an innovator in machine vision and system integration providing turnkey solutions, consulting, and support services for a wide range of industries.  For more information about Integro Technologies, visit their website at


MORITEX develops, manufactures and distributes lighting and imaging solutions and supplies optical components and systems for machine vision, digital imaging and medical applications. MORITEX Corporation is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Learn more at