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High Speed Inspection Vision Systems Integro Technologies

Toward Perfect Production

High speed vision inspection systems provide real-time information on production line performance. These tools help to maximize product quality and output while reducing waste and increasing profitability. They see and record events the human eye cannot catch, and provide the data manufacturing staff need to work toward perfect production.

Meeting Application Requirements

Vision inspection systems act as line monitors and reveal processes that need supervision, tweaking and re-configuring. While a well-trained production staff can provide an expert analysis of line performance, the staff cannot ‘see’ the detail a vision inspection system provides.

  • Manufacturing lines include complex processes set-up to meet specific application specifications. After an installation of a new line each process must be monitored and evaluated for optimal performance. An integrated vision inspection system shortens the installation process by providing actionable information the production staff needs for proper line set-up.
  • Product reformulation and new application specs, such as a different container size, dictate changes to machine set-up. Vision inspection systems provide real-time video and data on performance after the line has been reconfigured, allowing for analysis of each change.

Troubleshooting, Avoiding Costly Downtime

High speed vision inspection systems also detect manufacturing line problems that result in product waste, hardware malfunctions and product jams. These inevitable problems result in downtime, the killer of line efficiency.

A critical benefit of having an integrated high speed vision inspection system is having the ability to detect, locate, measure, and quantify line defects. It takes only a single occurrence to cause a cascading barrage of events that lead to costly downtime. The longer it takes to locate and understand the parameters of the problem the greater the impact on efficiency.

Real-time video and data collection provides the information production staff needs to solve the problem. Without rapid analysis and remediation, the line is down, there is no efficiency, no product output, no profitability.

Toward Perfect Production

High speed vision inspection systems are manufacturing’s best friends, as well as the best tools in the toolbox. Use them to their fullest capability and monitor both video and data rigorously. Routine scrutiny not only provides information the human eye cannot capture, it also identifies processes that fall behind optimal performance and need refinement. Keeping the line at optimal peak performance ensures it is optimized to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Increase uptime
  • Eliminate of product defects
  • Maximize product output
  • Improve profitability

Final Thoughts

High speed vision inspection systems are manufacturing’s best friends, but only when designed to meet specific manufacturing requirements, and when integrated and properly installed. For more information on how your production staff can reap the benefits of ‘eyes’ that see what humans cannot, contact us today.


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