metal rocker part vision inspection

Vision Inspection for Metal Parts

This machine is inspecting two different small metal rocker part types at a rate of 125 parts per minute. This Integro system inspects all surfaces of these small, shiny metal parts for defects, which range from scratches, dents, dirt, debris and/or rust and discolorations. The parts are extruded, and then cut to length. The part type that is being run can be selected on the screen (HMI) or from a work order via a hand-held barcode scanner. The cut and cleaned parts are placed in the hopper of a bowl feeder that can handle over 100lbs of product. From the bowl feeder, the parts are manipulated so the back and top of each part can be inspected while still on the bowl feeder. There is a reject station at the bowl feeder that will kick out bad product. The parts that pass the first two inspections move on to a narrow conveyor where inspection can take place on the sides, undercut, front and bottom surfaces of each part with reject stations after each inspection.

On a second, wider conveyor, a back light is positioned within the conveyor to image the parts in silhouette and determine if the width is within tolerance (+/- .003 inches). Parts that are too short are separated at one reject/blow off station, and parts that are too long at a second station. Passing product then moves to a packaging conveyor that holds up to 30 minutes’ worth of finished product.

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