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What Integro Technologies is Doing to Advance Deep Learning

Machine vision learning is a relatively new disruptive automation technology that’s changing the manufacturing landscape. The technology is pushing the limits of machine production by opening new application possibilities, especially when integrated with deep learning. The development has caught the attention of C-level executives. At Integro Technologies, we are a leading machine vision integrator at the forefront of developing and designing cutting-edge vision inspection solutions targeting manufacturing production lines.

Our clients include semiconductor, consumer products, and electronic product manufacturers. Deep learning machine vision software essentially provides a platform for machines to harness high volumes of data representation for learning purposes. The data we feed to the machine constitutes interpretable images pre-labeled by highly trained human inspectors. The neural networks embedded in the deep learning program are designed to help the machine learn and operate based on pre-issued instructions.

Tailored Deep Learning Solutions

With sufficient “study” time, the machines can segregate between good and bad. We’ve accumulated massive image libraries, primarily sourced from clients and publicly available datasets to train neural networks and enable our team to create tailored deep learning solutions. We do not share nor use images belonging to a client for neural network training. Today’s most efficient companies are scaling and optimizing their operations while working to squeeze out equipment downtime and curtailing the slow manual operations.

You can power your operations with Integro Technologies, advanced machine learning, robotics, AI, and logistics solutions. The company provides superior vision inspection solutions that are highly ideal for challenging applications. Some solutions already put to the test include Label Solution, Logistics Solution Tunnel, and Syringe Inspection.

Call the Pros

Our premises are located at 301 S. Main Street Suite 200 Salisbury, North Carolina. To speak to a company representative about our services, vision inquiries, hardware, employment, or general questions, contact us.

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