yamaha disco dances

SCARA Robot loves Disco Dancing

Yamaha Robotics was a featured exhibitor at Automate 2015, and to prove how versatile their SCARA robot could be, they taught it to disco dance. Really.

The high speed Yamaha YK500TW SCARA robot has 360° of rotation and a 1000mm reach… and it loves disco.

LED and flood lights purchased from Light-O-Rama. Custom disco floor and round top construction by Yamaha Robotics.

Demonstrating the speed and precision of a YAMAHA ceiling mount SCARA, the YK500TW boasts a standard cycle time of .29 seconds and repeatability up to 0.015 mm. Its 360° of rotation creates a cylindrical working envelope without restrictions (1000mm diameter x 130mm vertical).

Yamaha’s  “YK500TW” orbit type SCARA robot (multiple horizontal joint-type), features a ceiling-mount (overhead installation) type.

Being a ceiling-mount type, the secondary arm of YK500TW is positioned below the primary arm, thus widely expanding its working area. Furthermore, the unique structure makes it possible for optimum movement of the arm between work points, enabling a greatly reduced cycle time (Cycle time: 0.29 sec., 36%faster than the current Yamaha model).
The ceiling-mount structure also allows for greater freedom of system design by making it possible to position robots in places where other types of robots could not be positioned, thus enabling more efficient use of facility space.

YK500TW inherits the qualities of high-speed, precision and durability that Yamaha SCARA robots are known for and expands the customer’s options to help achieve optimum manufacturing facility layout and system set-up. In this way, it is expected to expand the SCARA robot market.

Yamaha Robotics are available from Integro Technologies. Contact sales@integro-tech.com for more information.

To learn more about Yamaha Robotics, visit their website at www.yamaharobotics.com.