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3D Imaging for the Auto Industry

3D Imaging: Increasing Safety while Scaling Parts Inspection for the Automotive Industry

We are all seeing the safety features that advanced technology are now integrating into our vehicles. With the fast-paced growth in AI, deep learning will continue to advance the automotive industry.

It is important for everyone that vehicles are built with non-defective parts. Automotive parts inspection is a vital part of the automotive industry. 3D imaging inspection is now available for the automobile industry to improve scalability and decrease defective part utilization.


Increase Automotive Parts Inspection and Eliminate the Human Error Factor

Not only does this advanced technology help manufacturers use safer parts, but it also increases the speed of the inspection process compared to the human factor. Speaking of the human factor, what about having drowsy inspectors that may possibly miss a vital flaw in a major automobile part? This can make you think about automotive recalls? An interesting article found on Forbes reviews how 2017 was noted to have the first signs of fewer auto recalls. Advanced machine vision technology using 3D imaging is becoming an integrated process in the automotive industry.


Integro Technologies: Advanced Machine Vision Inspection for the Automotive Industry

Integro Technologies has strategically blended a team working to disrupt and redefine the machine vision solution for a multitude of industries. The automotive industry is one industry that we are working fast and hard to help drive down cost and waste while they help the industry meet their requirements.

What continues to empower the Integro team are the partnerships formed with recognized machine vision suppliers that are providing quality-proven product solutions for the hardest manufacturing applications. One such partnership is with Coherix, Inc., a development and manufacturing company of “high speed, high-definition 3D machine vision products that enable customers to manage high-volume precision manufacturing processes.”

Integro has designed and developed numerous applications including Stereo Imaging, automotive caulking station, control console inspection,  Bezel PQI inspection, datamatrix and QR codes, high-speed filter inspection, label inspections, clutch plate inspection, multi-camera engine block inspection, oil filter spring inspection, and more.

Inspection examples:


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The Integro team designs and develops vision inspection systems to bring quality inspection processes into a variety of manufacturing industries. Let our team and our partnerships integrate the future of machine vision inspection into your manufacturing process. Contact us.