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Machine Vision for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been a driver of manufacturing technology since the days when Henry Ford first introduced the assembly line early in the last century. Now, in the digital age, the automotive industry continues to be a leading innovator.

Integro Technologies provides the advanced technology needed for ongoing improvement in automotive manufacturing processes integrating advanced software, optics, and vision guided robotics to automate processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve worker safety with cutting-edge machine vision systems.

At Integro we realize that uptime is a priority in the automotive industry and we provide the tools to optimize it.

The Growing Trend Toward 3D Machine Vision

The majority of visual guidance technology for manufacturing robots up to now has been 2 dimensional, but Integro Technologies is at the forefront of the growing trend toward 3D machine vision and imaging in the automotive industry.

We’re using 3D vision technology in a wide range of inspection applications to drive down costs and reduce waste, meeting the production challenges in the automotive industry and the demanding requirements for:

  • advanced automation
  • lot tracking
  • quality control
  • component traceability
  • gauging critical dimensions
  • robot guidance
  • DOT compliance

A robot upgraded with 3D vision capability functions with accurate, real-time position information, allowing it to precisely target and grab a piece on an assembly line whether it is flat on a conveyor belt, hanging, or upright.

3D vision allows the robot to deal with variations from known product dimensions giving it a new superior level of independence and versatility.

We’re putting this 3D vision innovation to work now. Integro Technologies is the Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots, and we’ve designed a new 3D vision-guided application for a UR robot. You can read more about the 3D Pick-N-Place system at this link.


Automotive Industry Applications

Metal Disk Inspection

Our round metal disk inspection system picks up the pace of part inspections using a small 2-axis robot to position each part on a rotary stand. The system performs a 100% full part, 360 degree inspection to detect manufacturing defects and verifies part specific registration markings with precise accuracy to .04mm.

The Metal Disk Inspection System is compact and high-speed. The fully automated inspection significantly reduces takt time with 100% part handling. Click here to check out the Metal Disk Inspection process in action.


3D Bead System with Yamaha Robotics and Coherix Predator

Integro partnered with Yamaha Robotics and Coherix Predator to provide a turnkey solution for dispensing and inspecting in bead applications. The servo-controlled system uses real-time 3D monitoring to control and monitor bead position, providing a fully automated solution for bead applications in the automotive industry as well as a host of other manufacturers.

Eliminating tedious manual inspections for the numerous adhesive or sealant bead applications is a significant advance for industries across the board. We put the 3D Bead System through its paces at the Yamaha Robotics booth at Automate 2017. Watch this impressive system at work in the video at this link.


The Raptor – Precision 2D and 3D Measuring

The Raptor is an inline capable system for 100% automatic inspection. The Raptor features a single target calibration procedure and extraordinary optical capabilities producing ultra-high-resolution imaging for gauging accuracy to .01mm, and database archiving for further analysis. For precise 2d and 3D measurements, the Raptor provides a single solution for material measurement in the automotive industry and more. For more information, see the Raptor video at this link.


The Tire Guardian

TWA (tire-wheel-assembly) compliance with DOT and other regulatory agencies is now a fully automated process with Integro Technologies’ patented Tire Guardian inspection system. Tire Guardian combines two machine vision technologies resulting in the most cost-effective process to verify TWA quality and compliance in an incredibly efficient 15-second cycle.

In that brief 15-second flash, the Tire Guardian verifies rim to tire positioning and confirms OCR and OCV DOT data, speed rating, direction, manufacturer, and size information on the sidewalls. Finally, the Tire Guardian assures the highest standard of quality control by inspecting for tire deformities, and records the digitized data, storing the information for each tire. See the Tire Guardian in action in the video here.


Machine Vision Solutions and More at Integro Technologies

Our mission at Integro Technologies is to provide turnkey machine vision solutions to match your company’s applications. Our industrial experience ranges worldwide and our proven project development process assures that we can integrate new machine vision technology efficiently and smoothly to advance your company’s production processes.

Beyond machine vision, we have an expert staff offering services in mechanical design, PLC, Robotics, motion, IT, HMI, and software all dedicated to maximizing your company’s uptime, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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