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The Importance of Machine Vision and Automation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Importance of Machine Vision and Automation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a need for machine vision and integration. This is because remote working is one of the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. At Integro Technologies, we have the engineering expertise to facilitate remote engineering services for machine vision to ensure that our clients’ production activities are sustained. Our superior engineering staff is available to enable or resolve machine vision systems as long as an outside internet connection is available.

What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the use of systems that have preset criteria to extract digital images automatically. It is an automated process that is commonly used in manufacturing industries. It is common in industries because it is efficient, i.e. it is consistent and faster. An object is analyzed against a set criteria to ensure quality control and efficiency.

The Significance of Machine Vision

  • Processes are automated to make operations run more efficiently by ensuring that the set specifications are met.
  •  Used to improve manufacturing operations by identifying defects early so that corrective measures are taken.
  • Necessary in the tracking of products in heavily regulated industries or complicated supply chains.
  • Machine vision is crucial in inventory management and in manufacturing processes whereby the reading of components on product labels is necessary to enhance inventory control.
  • Used in quality control in various industries like; textile, agriculture, pharmaceutical and various manufacturing plants which involve mass production.

Our Services

Integro Technologies  is an industry leader. We provide machine vision applications for various industries globally. With machine vision, your need for staff to work on-site is not necessary because the production process is automated especially during this Covid-19 crisis. We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide superior machine vision and automation services to our various clients. Our services are tailor-made according to a company needs and their budget requirements.



Here are a few examples of our solutions:

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