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3D Machine Vision Inspection and Imaging


3D imaging can detect defects, illustrate topography, and more.

A great deal of machine vision technology is two dimensional; however, there is a growing trend toward 3D machine vision inspection and imaging. 3D machine vision inspection delivers accurate, real time 3D position information to improve performance in applications.

3D machine vision inspection can detect objects, regardless of their position. This gives robots, for example, more flexibility and independence. A robot with this type of application can see how a work piece is lying, upright, or hanging and can grab the right item in a targeted manner.

Another real world benefit of this is 3D inspection robot guidance and taking the initial example of known product dimensions on a conveyor belt. A 3D robot guidance system will deal with product variants even when the next product type and size is unknown.




Below are examples of our machine vision solutions:

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