3D Machine Vision Inspection and Imaging

3D machine vision inspection delivers accurate, real time 3D position information to improve performance in applications.

3D_VisionPro_UI-720x404-d837cc0d-3c59-46e4-9631-1e83467ad0193D machine vision inspection can detect objects, regardless of their position. This gives robots, for example, more flexibility and independence. A robot with this type of application can see how a work piece is lying, upright, or hanging and can grab the right item in a targeted manner.

Another real world benefit of this is 3D inspection robot guidance and taking the initial example of known product dimensions on a conveyor belt. A 3D robot guidance system will deal with product variants even when the next product type and size is unknown.

Integro Technologies is a principal source for machine vision industrial applications including 3D inspection for a wide array of industries.

As an AIA Certified Systems Integrator, our industry acumen is unmatched. We develop products for our customers from inception to completion, and we continue to be a trusted leader worldwide.



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