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Deep Learning

Deep Learning for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are turning to deep learning technology to solve factory inspections that are too complicated, time-consuming, and costly to program using traditional machine vision. Learn more about deep learning and contact us today.

Cognex ViDi Pad Printing Aesthetic Inspection
CHALLENGES IN PAD PRINTING INSPECTION Multi-step tampography can lead to considerable but tolerable relative shifts (registration problem) Varying quantities of
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ViDi Welding Seam Inspection
CHALLENGES IN WELDING SEAM INSPECTION Welding seams exhibit a large variety of shapes and features which can hardly be described
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ViDi Machined Part Inspection
CHALLENGES IN MACHINED PART INSPECTION Typically there are many different types of complex shapes Varying surface properties depending on machining
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Cognex ViDi
Integro Partners with ViDi Systems SA
Update: ViDi is now owned and operated by Cognex Corporation Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, announces its partnership
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ViDi Defect Detection
CHALLENGES IN AUTOMATIC DETECTION Typical defects like hits, scratches or stains are often hardly discernible at the early production stages
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