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Cognex ViDi Pad Printing Aesthetic Inspection


  • Multi-step tampography can lead to considerable but tolerable relative shifts (registration problem)
  • Varying quantities of ink applied results in fonts or lines that are thicker/thinner in appearance
  • Random texture of substrate, like brushed or otherwise decorated metal

Cognex ViDi


With Cognex ViDi Suite, the automated aesthetic inspection of complex pad printing is now extremely simple. The software algorithm trains itself on a set of known good samples and creates its reference model.

Once this training phase is completed, the inspection is ready to go. Defective areas of the printing can quickly be identified and reported. ViDi suite does not limit itself to checking ink transfer but complements it with a detailed aesthetic inspection of the substrate. And best of all, there is no need for extensive defects libraries!

See application notes here.