Hyperspectral Imaging for Pharma

Integro Technologies has partnered with Specim to provide quality hyperspectral imaging solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Quality assurance of pharmaceutical products chemical composition with 100% inspection accuracy can be achieved with spectral cameras. Inspection is based on identification of products’ active ingredients. Products with correct looks but with wrong active ingredient or concentration can be identified in realtime.

Get 100% control over the pharmaceutical products with hyperspectral imaging: perform chemical composition analysis during production process, measure the presence, amount and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), avoid mix-ups and improve the product quality and safety.

Fast and Accurate Solution

Our solution provides:

  • High frame rate – meets the industry requirements
  • Accurate – they offer a high spectral resolution
  • Thorough – they image everything, not just a small sample or one point
  • Small – flexible installation location

Specim FX17 meets the pharmaceutical industry’s needs better than any other camera on the market, offering the best performance in terms of speed and resolution. Inspect 2500 – 13000 tablets per minute – even up to 800 000 tablets per hour, and collect reliable and accurate spectral information from each and every one of them.

Real Results

Specim can offer you a continuous, long term partnership that will help you get the most out of your imaging system.

  • Timely delivery with ramp-up capacity
  • Reactive support
  • Continuous improvement in the use of the technology


Contact Integro Technologies today to learn more about your application needs and options.

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