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VisionVault Integrates with VisionView900

Integro Technologies offers the VisionVault Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities on the Cognex In-Sight Platform.

VisionVault now fully integrates with Cognex VisionView 900. The VisionView 900 is an operator interface panel that allows operators to adjust vision tool parameters and regions of interest without requiring a PC on your factory floor.

The support of the Cognex VisionView 900 HMI terminal within Integro’s VisionVault architecture is significant  for a number of reasons.

Support of the VisionView 900 speeds the VisionVault system implementation by minimizing downtime using pre-existing Cognex VisionView hardware installations and documentation packages. It also eliminates the need for HMI retrofits, re-generation of documentation packages, and operator training due to familiarity with the operation of the VisionView 900 terminals.

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