transmission inspection

Final Assembly Transmission Inspection

The final assembly transmission inspection station verifies the presence or absence of 47 discrete components/objects per transmission assembly. The system executes the inspection in <3 second (including acquisition cycle).


  • Serialized transmissions are delivered to the inspection station on a conveyor and are inspected using nine (9) independent cameras.
  • The serialized code for each transmission is read from the pallet RFID tag.
  • All processed image data is assigned to the serialized transmission assembly via a database and the image stored to the central server for archiving.
  • The inspection tasks include, but are not limited to, color caps, oil pan plug, connector presence, cable harness routing, bolt/clip presence, QR Codes, etc.
  • Creates a mosaic of nine (9) images into a single image for storage and display purposes.
  • Production line rate is 45 seconds/part.
  • The multiple camera inspection technique can be applied to visually inspect and archive any sized object.
  • A similar version of this Integro system has been applied to inspect engines.
  • Multiple camera technique is preferred over multipoint robotic systems due to operator and user training requirements.

transmission inspectionView machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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