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Barcode Reading Tunnel

Improve read rates by scanning barcodes on multiple package sides

Cognex 3-Sided Barcode Reading Tunnels feature image-based barcode readers that use advanced algorithms and decoding technology to achieve up to 99.9% read rates which increases overall throughput and less manual rework. Cognex 3-Sided Barcode Reading Tunnels feature:

  • DataMan image-based barcode readers that have no moving parts that will wear out or fail.
  • Barcode Assignment a technology that prevents multi-reads of codes across small gaps and ensures the right code is assigned to the right package.
  • Angled wedges that deliver optimal reading perspective.
  • Real-time performance feedback and trending information that delivers operational insights for corrective action.

Achieve faster time to production

Designed with modular components, Cognex 3-Sided Barcode Reading Tunnels are quickly installed in just hours by Integro Technologies , a certified Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI), so you more quickly realize the benefits of increased throughput, greater efficiency, and return on investment.

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