Manufacturing and Logistics Post-Covid Economy

What Does the Future Hold for Manufacturing and Logistics in a Post-Covid Economy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects and unprecedented disruptions to almost all industries and the manufacturing and logistics industry were also not spared. The manufacturing and logistics industries were struck particularly hard during 2020, and they are looking to build more resilient operations in the future.

But how will the effects of the pandemic impact the industry? What changes are we likely to see as manufacturers and logistic companies plan to bounce back to glorious the pre-pandemic former selves.

Here is a glimpse of what the future looks like for the industry in the post-Covid world.


Increased Automated Domestic Manufacturing

Companies that relied heavily on offshore supplies were the struck hardest. Disruptions in the supply chains stopped the flow of finished products, immediate parts, and even raw materials.

Having learned their lesson, governments in developed countries, where automated manufacturing command a large share of their GDP, will heavily invest in domestic manufacturing in their quest to create strategic resilience after the pandemic. But the revival of domestic manufacturing will depend on advanced automation and robotics to cut down labor costs and increase productivity.


Decoupled Logistics

As a response to last year’s unprecedented shock to the supply chains, manufacturers will look for ways to maintain continuity, initiate flexibility, and resilience along the supply chains. Many companies will, therefore, expand their base of global suppliers. You should also expect a ramp-up of digital tools, functions, and processes as supply chains seek to manage risk, flexibility, and accuracy.


Enhanced Data Infrastructure

Data is one of the most valuable resources, and the pandemic has shown the need for accessible real-time and reliable data. The post-COVID manufacturing industry will require greater connectivity across the organization and a control-tower outlook of data will be embraced to give crucial insights.


Bottom Line

The above three points provide you with a framework on where to focus as you build more resilient operations in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Despite the disruptions in the industry, there is an opportunity to reinvent a future with better solutions.

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