Machine Vision Robotics

Robotic machine vision, also known as intelligent automation, is vital for manufacturing. Vision can be used to automatically find, identify and inspect products with unmatched accuracy and at high rates of speed.  Machine vision reduces the cost and complexity of tooling and can virtually eliminate the need for manual examination. Guided robotics with machine vision systems increase efficiency and production while reducing downtime, errors, and unexpected delays. Robotic systems have cameras, but the slightest variation in lighting or placement can cause malfunction and ultimately shut down an entire production line.

This combination of robots and vision systems makes manufacturing lines more adaptable to changes in either product or process, ultimately increasing the bottom line.


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Integro Technologies is recognized as an industry leader in robotics. Our precision guided vision systems are superior, customized, and accurate to meet your business needs. Contact Integro Technologies at 704.636.9666 or at

540° Plastic Filter Inspection

3D Bead Inspection

Round Disk Inspection

Copper Fitting Inspection