Advantages of Factory Automation with Vision Guided Robotics

Technological disruption has been a long time coming. We used to excitedly talk about external sensors. That was only in the 90s. Since then, we have had a quantum leap. Before we knew it, 2D machine vision was in everyone’s mouth. But now, we seem to have entered the holy grail in 3D, an ultimate level of robotics in manufacturing.  Today, the main conversation revolves around the question of whether Vision Guided in factory automation is something that should be embraced by the manufacturing industry. Here are 3 factors that make this new technology a must for any serious manufacturer.

Enjoy the versatility

In the recent past, conventional robots relied on external sensors requiring highly controlled environments to operate. Every factory operation had to be optimized to meet the robot’s needs. Reorganizing the factory floor to accommodate the robot isn’t practical, especially in industries where they need to work alongside the human workforce. This can be more of a disruption to production than an enhancement, especially when the robots have limited capabilities. Until this new era, engineers relied on predictable robots that drew its technology from external robots. External sensors are (or were) a great technology. But there was a drawback to this technology; it heavily relied on specified (or controlled) environment in order to work or perform as intended.  Enter 3D Machine Vision – a great technology that promises a lot. With 3D Machine Vision systems, robots immediately gain the ability to perceive not only depth and position, but will also adapt to changes is as far as scalability is concerned. But that is not all. 3D Machine Vision uses advanced technology to process and detect hues (color). It also handles located parts while adapting to non-uniform lighting.

A new era of rapid precision

Precision in quality control was not an easy affair. It has been laborious and takes too long to accomplish. While 2D Machine Vision inspection speeds production, 3D technology goes further ahead by more than doubling production speed by hugely cutting on inspection duration. With 3D Machine Vision technology, your manufacturing line will reduce false defects. Foreign materials will hardly find their way into your line of production.

Hazardous tasks suddenly become safe

Companies have been settling cases of manufacturing accidents and incidents at a premium for a long period of time. Moreover, over the years, it has been burdensome for companies paying insurance premium because of the risks involved. 3D Vision Machine technology heavily reduces the hazard to human workers. While many argue that this technology leads to job loss, this cannot be further from the truth.    When 3D technology frees up human workers, they can be redeployed to departments that require human attention. This allows the company to grow exponentially.     If you would like to take your manufacturing business to the next level, your best bet is enlisting the services that come with 3D Vision machine technology. Start enjoying sophisticated automation. If you are looking for a company to do this for you, please contact us.


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