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3 Ways Automation is Improved With Vision Guided Robotics

Technology marches on as does innovation. Combine these two and you get all sorts of great things. One of the best results of the advancement of technology has been automation, streamlining much of the work involved in creating products. Automation itself is always moving ahead, too, this manifesting recently as its synergy with vision guided robotics. What does this mean? How does it help? Let’s look at three ways automation is improved with vision guided robotics to find out.

1. Efficiency

Doing things quickly is always important, especially on a production line or other type of factory area. Vision guided robotics for assembly, quality checking, and more all speed up the production process by leaps and bounds, able to perform their duties more quickly than humans could. This especially shines in the realm of quality checking, able to identify defects at a faster rate than human eyes.

2. Accuracy

Not only are robotics faster than people, they’re also more accurate in the work they do. A quality checking robot is able to more accurately scan and confirm whether or not something coming off the line has been properly assembled or packaged, able to spot minute details human checkers could easily miss.

3. Precision

Vision guided robotics allows for more precise actions performed during assembly. This means putting together small or delicate parts that would normally require a large amount of individualized attention from a human operator, all of this performed with the same level of speed you can expect from other types of robotics.

There are many reasons to value vision guided robotics in factory automation, these being just three you might think of. If you’re looking to implement this kind of technology in your workplace, get in touch with Integro Technologies to learn more about vision guided robotics and how we can help you get started with them.



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