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Advances in Technology Make Vision Guided Robotics The Right Choice For Your Business

Vision guided robots have advanced dramatically in the past decade. Robotics Tomorrow cites increases in computing power, advances in imaging hardware, and improvements in software libraries for this rapid advancement, and note that a wide variety of new applications have become available as a result. Read on to find the top three reasons manufacturers should use vision guided robotics for factory automation.

Inspection and Quality Control

Vision guided robotics can significantly reduce assembly line time and defects in products. By matching production units to predefined parameters, vision guided systems can inspect far more units than a human quality inspector, while also taking those products out of circulation for further inspection or repair using specially designed routes on a production line. This saves time and produces better customer outcomes by identifying defective units human inspectors might miss.

Random Bin Picking

By identifying the unique dimensions and properties of a required component, vision guided robotics systems can reduce costs during assembly by removing the need for careful sorting of many kinds of components, instead allowing automated machines to identify a single part among many, retrieve, and deliver it to the next step in the process. This technology allows more dynamic production and frees resources that would otherwise be needed to sort each individual component.

Parcel Tracking

In the past, robotics vision systems have required movement or other specific needs to be met in order to identify parcels at different points in the logistics process. With hardware advances, barcodes and QR tags can be instantly scanned from any angle and with no movement, even in poor lighting conditions. This speeds the scanning and processing time for parcels or components, while adding flexibility for oddly shaped items to be scanned and improved visibility into the state of the entire logistics system.

Vision guided robotics add value and a variety of benefits to both manufacturers and end users of a product through improved quality control and lower costs during assembly. Contact Integro Technologies today to learn more about how Vision Guided Robotics can work for you.



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