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Thomas Delk and UR SICK Integro Technologies robotics automation and machine vision

3 Benefits of VGR

The introduction of vision-guided robotics (VGR) in 3D machine automation systems has revolutionized digital vision inspection processes. While robots were traditionally designed to carry out simple tasks, VGRs can handle complicated tasks while offering functionality variation and flexibility. Machine vision technology has transformed the adoption and advancement of automation in many industries as it provides numerous advantages.

Automatic Calibration Systems

Traditional industrial robots relied on manual configuration systems to specify the coordinates of the target surface. That required a trained technician to make the modifications using a teaching pendant every time a new object was placed under the vision area. That means you could get varied accuracy and precision levels depending on the operator. VGR automatically calibrate to the exact coordinates and make accurate calculations at the press of a button.

Improved Precision and Efficiency

In a recent project, automated vision software proved to have a higher capacity to operate beyond the limits of their old counterparts. With machine vision, you can set the robot to perform complex tasks such as fitting a specific component or assembling different parts. These robots have sensors and high-vision optics to precisely identify and work with different related parts. Installing such robotic systems to your production line enhances production efficiency and alleviates ergonomic complaints among employees.

Sustainability in Production Systems

For a manufacturing company to run successful 3D vision automation robots, machines need to have sophisticated pattern-matching technologies that help them identify elements within its environment. Today, advanced programming has made that easier. Furthermore, they offer sustainability for several sectors and many industries continue to expand their adoption of VGR’s.

If your production facility is ready for a turnaround in production levels and efficiency, please contact us. We are here to help with your company’s smooth transition to VGRs.