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LBE Labeler Machine

Function and purpose of this application:

  • Carbon filter trays are delivered to the system and imaged to determine part location.
  • A high-speed Yamaha Robotics gantry system then positions a Domino inkjet print head to print on each individual part identified in the given tray.
  • Upon completion of printing on the individual parts present in the tray, the Cartesian robot positions a camera over each part to inspect the printed text for quality and legibility.
  • If a part is determined to be a failure, the operator will be alerted from the custom human machine interface (HMI) and stack light assembly.


Features of this application:

    • User interface that includes statistical data display of inspection results with part images and pass/fail criteria which allows for modification of tolerances.
    • Power roller conveyers progress the trays through the system without damaging them.
    • Cartesian robot (x, y, and z axis) allows the ink jet print head and camera to be at the correct locations with different part height range.


Benefits of this application:

  • The system enables the end user to print full trays at high speed, while also providing a detailed inspection of the print quality on the part.
  • The ink jet printing process consumed 30 minutes process time. This solution allows the process to be completed in 30 seconds with a higher level of precision.


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