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Machine Vision Packaging Solutions

Machine vision solutions for consumer product packaging is a better choice than human vision for inspection tasks that are fast, detailed, and repetitive.

Examples of such tasks include label inspection, product counting, reading dates and barcodes, detecting fill levels or foreign matter, and verifying proper seals and closures.

Machine vision systems operate at high speeds and insure product quality while increasing production efficiency. The data collected by these systems can provide a company with valuable information to circumvent recalls, damage to manufacturers’ image, and safety hazards for consumers.

Integro Technologies is known for quality assurance, professionalism, and individualized packaging as well as consumer product solutions including canister inspection, label placement verification, and more. Integro’s turnkey solutions are customized to meet the manufacturers’ needs and continued tech support is provided after installation.

Integro Technologies is a trusted source for over 500 companies worldwide and is a leader in the machine vision industry.  Download a PDF of our Packaging resources here, or contact Integro Technologies at 704.636.9666 or at