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High Speed Vision Inspection Improves a Factory’s Entire Process

Quality-control processes are no longer a cumbersome offline task at the end of the line. Properly integrated vision inspection systems keep production flowing seamlessly with high-speed digital precision. Quickly identifying flawed parts throughout the production line results in greater throughput and a better finished product.

When it comes to profitable manufacturing, quality, efficiency and productivity is critical — and that’s true for every function in the factory. Innovative automated vision inspection technology is helping factories improve in these areas in nearly every industry.

Quality — There are two areas that define the need for quality in manufactured products:

Ensuring product integrity for safety requirements — For some products there is an inherent requirement to satisfy higher quality control because the product may cause bodily or structural harm if safety requirements are not met. If a faulty component slips into the public and causes harm, the backlash — both in legal jeopardy and public relations damage — can sink a company. Automated vision inspection can be done at a faster rate with greater accuracy than human inspection. This enables more pieces to be inspected, resulting in a better overall quality.

Quality is a sales differentiator — A better product is always highly desirable, but it can be very costly to ensure consistently higher-grade products. Automated vision inspection makes this more cost-effective. Whether it’s a retail widget, or a wholesale component of another manufactured product, product selection is typically defined by price, quality and service. Quality is the foundation for both other factors. A superior product will have less service issues and demand a better price.

Efficiency — High-speed vision inspection is faster and more accurate than human inspection. Faster AND better? Efficiency can’t be summed up any better than that. In manufacturing, profits are driven by efficiency. As manufacturers are pressured to cut costs and improve productivity, process efficiency is crucial — and no part of the manufacturing process is exempt from that. Replacing manual inspection with automated vision inspection also reduces non-value-add touches and that makes the final product even more profitable.
Automated vision inspection not only improves the efficiency of the inspection tasks, it improves the total efficiency of the entire production line. Since more pieces can be inspected per hour, it results in a higher throughput of finished goods.

Productivity — More pieces per hour, more pieces per hour, more pieces per hour… this is the mantra of every successful manufacturing business. Innovative producers are gleaning precious gains in every area of the factory, but the improvements must be cost-effective without sacrificing quality. High-speed vision inspection is ideal for the productivity-focused manufacturer. Automated inspection systems increase daily piece rate, frees labor to do other productive tasks, and reduces product rejects and returns.

QUALITY, EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY are all interconnected within a successful manufacturing operation and high-speed vision inspection is central to improvements in each of these areas. Integration of high-speed vision inspection technology not only improves the quality-control facet of a production line, it improves the profitability of the entire manufacturing process.

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