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Role of Machine Vision in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the combination of emerging technology (e.g., IoT, machine learning, AI, robotics, etc.) and new operational strategies that will disrupt the current supply chain over the next few years. Originally coined in 2011 as part of a German technology project strategy, Industry 4.0 has become synonymous with the new wave of tech that will transform almost every industry on the planet.

As industries continue to adopt best-of-breed automation and IoT capabilities, finding ways to incorporate machine vision into automation capabilities is front-of-mind for manufacturers looking to derive the most value out of the Industry 4.0 boom.


What is Machine Vision?

In simple terms, machine vision is the combination of cameras, sensors, and software that act as “eyes” for machines. By using sensors to detect objects and cameras to capture images of those objects, machine vision technology can then process those images via deep learning algorithms to inform and direct machines to behave in specific ways based on their external environment.

The use cases for machine vision are vast. You could use machine vision to detect defects, fine-tune robotic controls, and even maximize the value of your existing IoT investment by adding an additional layer of data processing on top of its existing controls.

The Role of Machine Vision in Industry 4.0

The technology that accompanies Industry 4.0 promises to maximize operations through critical data acquisition and processing. IoT sensors can collect high volumes of data for analytics purposes, and robotics can perform skilled physical labor across industries. With machine vision, all of that rich IoT data can be utilized in conjunction with visual data to provide unparalleled visibility into the supply chain. From flagging defective products based on IoT sensor data and visual data captured by cameras to enabling robotic intervention in various roles in manufacturing, machine vision will help unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0.

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